Kehillah is Off to a Great Start!

We have spent the last few weeks outside participating in water play, in the Kehillah car wash, having a teddy bear picnic, creating an all school Under the Sea mural, Tie Dying, singing together at Shira, and gathering in the courtyard for Shabbat and Havdalah. One of the perks to the nice weather is the ability for all of us to be together outside in the courtyard. This connectivity has been a welcomed change to the Kehillah community.

As we head into the fall, Camp Kehillah winds down, and we usher in the start of a new academic year along with our celebrations of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot! The holidays are early this year! We will spend a great deal of time talking about new beginnings, making new friends, being kind to one another, saying sorry, and learning about the High Holidays and what they mean to our community. On Rosh Hashanah we wish everyone a “sweet” new year and we celebrate with apples and honey. Learning at Kehillah takes many forms and Rosh Hashanah offers wonderful sensory opportunities for the children to experience the holiday as they learn. The children will enjoy the taste of warm challah, the sticky feeling of honey, the sweetness of applesauce (for those without teeth) and the crunch of a freshly cut apple (for those with teeth), and of course, the booming sound of the shofar. With the musical guidance of Cantor Schloss and the curriculum planning from Rebecca Elkus-Ferst and the teachers, the children will have a wonderful High Holiday experience!

Kehillah is thriving. We continue to offer tours of our facility and to register new students. Kehillah is vibrant, warm, and welcoming, and is place for all children and families to learn, grow, and connect with one another.

It is our mission to create a Kehillah Kadoshah (a sacred community). We welcome all to become a part of it!

Jennifer Pennucci, M.Ed.
Kehillah School for Early Learning
Educational Director