Meet Our Director

Jennifer Pennucci, M.Ed.

Jennifer has been an Early Childhood educator for over 20 years. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Elementary Education from Southern Connecticut State University in 2000 and her Masters in Early Childhood Education/Administration and Leadership from Champlain College in 2017.

After earning her BA, Jennifer began her career teaching preschool in North Haven, CT. She moved on to be a program director for several quality learning centers within the CT area. Prior to joining Kehillah at Temple Israel, Jennifer was the director for the Learning Center at Piper’s Hill in Stamford, CT.

Jennifer believes an early childhood environment should be supportive of children’s individual learning styles and a place where they feel safe, secure, confident and valued. Families should feel welcome and come together as a community with their child’s teachers to achieve this goal.  As a program director for over 16 years, she brings a wealth of knowledge related to child development, quality curriculum planning and program management. 

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys cooking, kayaking, traveling, reading, and spending time with her 3 children; teens Tyler and Elijah, and Maia.

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