Our Programs

Our Programs

The Kehillah School’s comprehensive program offers both partial and full-day education throughout the calendar year for children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age.


Reeshoneem (Firsts)
K’taneem (Little Ones)
Zahzeem (Movers)

The infants program focuses on further development of social skills and helping children gain more confidence in physical development and self-help skills. Through books, songs, art activities, sensory activities, art experience and physical exploration, infants grow through their sense of adventure and eagerness to learn. Teachers support early language and literacy as well as making sure children have opportunities for various sensory and art experiences. Teachers promote a loving and caring community environment.

Toddler Twos

Boneem (Builders)
Chalootzeem (Pioneers)
Tzofeem (Scouts)

The toddler program is a supportive and encouraging space where children can express themselves and come into their own. Children work on gross and fine motor development, self-help skills, social/emotional development and language development. In the toddler classrooms it is exciting to see children interact with one another and engage other children in play. Teachers emphasize a caring and supportive community environment using positive redirection to guide behaviors.

Preschool & Kindergarten Preparation

Oleem (Ascenders)
Chavayreem (Friends)
Moochaneem (Prepared Ones)
G’Shareem (Bridges)

The preschool program emphasizes an emergent curriculum. This allows the classroom activities to be child-guided and focused on engaging interests as well as exploration of topics that are of interest to the class. The curriculum includes cognitive development (math, pre-reading, social studies, science), motor development (fine motor, gross motor, self-help skills), social/emotional development, and language development. Children learn respect for others and their environment through collaborative teamwork.