Summer Camp Options

Summer Camp Options

Three Great Summer Options Coming Up in 2024!

1. Camp Pinebrook
Traditional 8-week summer camp program for children ages 3-10. Includes daily swim lessons, sports, art, music, drama, dance, yoga, science, nature and more. This option is open to children in Oleem, Chavayreem, G’Shareem, and Moochaneem, and must be toilet-trained.

For questions or tours, contact Allison Horn, Camp Pinebrook Director. Students return to Kehillah after the summer if registered for the fall.

2. Kamp Kehillah
Kehillah’s summer program offers special camp activities,
water play, art experiences, sports, outdoor nature exploration, and so much more!

For questions, contact Marie Masseo, Kehillah School Director

3. Mornings at Pinebrook and Afternoons at Kehillah
If your child is ready for Camp Pinebrook, and needs to nap in the afternoon, then Camp Pinebrook staff will bring your child to Kehillah at 1:00 pm. The camper will spend the entire afternoon at Kehillah.