Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Kehillah welcomed Zev Haber, an amazingly talented musician who brought song and laughter to the children on Friday afternoon. Kids sang along to familiar tunes and clapped to captivating rhythms. Zev’s sense of humor kept teachers and children happily engaged with his entertaining spirit.

Kehillah hopes that Zev Haber will be back again for another hand clapping, toe tapping performance. Thank you , Zev!

Listen to his music at Zev Haber.

Michael Albert, American Pop Artist, visited the Kehillah School, working together with groups of preschoolers and teachers to inspire and ignite imagination through his collage work he calls “Cerealism.” Children and teachers alike enjoyed this experience. You may have seen his work while shopping in Fairway or enjoying a cup of coffee in Cosi- we are so lucky to have a world renowned Pop Artist, Michael Albert join us.

For more information visit his website at Michael Albert